Girls Only STEM Camps

Every year parents ask if we offer camps for girls only and every year the enrollment is low. Why?

We know girls need more opportunities to explore STEM in a safe environment. Research shows girls need more role models and that’s why we make sure the camps are staffed with female instructors.

Don’t let your daughter’s natural curiosity and interest in math and science be squashed by cultural norms.

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Summer Enrichment for All

One thing I realized is that I look forward to summer almost as much my kids do. Why? Because the kids’ schedules open up which means less time spent driving and attending activities all the time. This means more free evenings and weekends in the summer!

As much as I need a break, I also know that completely disengaging from academics all summer will leave my children at a disadvantage in the fall.

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Minecraft Camps

Turn your child’s Minecraft passion into an amazing STEM learning experience in Minecraft Camp!

We’ve developed three unique Minecraft worlds where Minecrafters work in teams to solve mathematical puzzles, craft virtual electronic circuits, and learn to code.

Each day students will be challenged to work in teams to solve unique challenges.

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Math Explorations

I’ve discovered another powerful way to get students and adults engaged in mathematics WITHOUT letting their math anxiety prevent them from getting started — Open-ended math explorations.

Open-ended math explorations feature a simple scenario with no explicit problem to solve. It’s up to the group exploring the scenario to develop their own questions and see how far they can go.

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Problem Solving Series – Taxicabs

Problem: Taxicabs

Imagine you are a cab driver on a square grid of streets and you need to get from point A to B. You can only travel along the roads going right and up?

How many ways can you get from A to B?

Having trouble counting all the paths? Stuck?

Watch this video to get some ideas on how to get started.

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Problem Solving Series – Mangoes

Problem: Mangoes

One night the King couldn’t sleep, so he went down into the Royal kitchen, where he found a bowl full of mangoes.

  1. Being hungry, he took 1/6 of the mangoes.
  2. Later that same night, the Queen was hungry and couldn’t sleep.
  3. She, too, found the mangoes and took 1/5 of what the King had left.

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The Power of Asking ‘What If…?’

What if questions can lead to amazing discoveries, innovation, and can even help change your mindset. In this short video, I share the benefits of asking more “what if” questions in math class.

Let’s start paying as much attention to asking questions as we do to finding answers in math!

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Unlock a Growth Mindset

I want to share with you a list of resources to help you impart a strong learning mindset in your children. Nothing short circuits learning more than a counter-productive attitude. If we can help children to understand that difficult challenges are part of the learning process, they’ll be better able to handle the inevitable setbacks and put in the effort to overcome them.

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