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The Math Plus Difference

Two Things You Need To Know About Our 2017 Summer Camps

Summer is our favorite time of year. The weather is beautiful and we get to take deep dives into our favorite topics. These deep dives become the curriculum and activities we embed into our full-day and half-day summer camps. Our camps kickoff in June and run through the beginning of August.

Each year we add additional camps designed to immerse students in aspects of applied mathematics.

You will never see a student in our camps doing this ;)

I know what you’re thinking, ‘BORING!’.

Not our camps! 3D Printing, Video Game Design, Robotics, and Electronics — what about those sounds boring? It is through these camps that students find inspiration and insight into concepts that will drive a life long passion of learning.

Quick note: Our schedules for this summer are out. You can find them below. Along with an amazing sale.

What’s changing this year?

We have added a couple of new camps and redesigned several of our old ones.

We know you have a lot of summer camp options and because of that we work to make sure Math Plus is one of the best options. By updating our programming you can expect to receive new and refreshing experience each and every summer.

What are we adding?

This year we’ve added a Maker Camp (ages 9-13) and Jr. Maker Camp (ages 6-8). These camps will consist of daily make and take activities. Students will learn about prototyping as they build cool widgets that they can take home and continue to play with after camp. The goal of these camps is to expose students to the process of creating and will provide them with a fundamental knowledge allowing them to continue to expand their curiosity and exploration of the Maker Movement.

In addition to the addition of our maker camps, we have fine-tuned our Video Game Design, Robotics, Minecraft and 3D Printing (Inventor’s Workshop) curriculum to ensure students receive an even better experience this year.

Don’t miss out!

Dublin/Powell Schedule

Hilliard/Upper Arlington

New Albany/Gahanna Schedule

If you have questions about our summer camp offerings please call 614-792-6284 or email

Here’s Why Math is Taught Differently Now

Last week, a parent asked me why her child was learning math in a completely different way than how she had learned it. People ask me this question so often, I decided to record my answer for you.

The question that often follows this is, “how can I help my child when I didn’t learn math this way?”. You’ll find the answer to that question near the end of the video as well.

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