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Don’t pass up instruction from the best and most entertaining chess instructor in Central Ohio!

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Virtually every parent we know wants to improve their child’s focus, concentration, memory and critical thinking skills. There’s never a simple answer to a complex question like this, but there is an activity that has been proven to significantly improve focus, concentration, memory and critical thinking — it’s chess!

“Ellie learned the concepts of chess in one day. That is very good instruction.”

Life Master Chuck Diebert coaches our clubs and has over 30 years experience. Chess Club is open to novice to intermediate players and students can join at any time. Each one-hour session is split between instruction and guided play. Coach Diebert helps students to develop the confidence to play in tournaments. Our teams have placed highly in numerous Central Ohio tournaments.

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“Milan was excited to tell us what he learned and to tell us Chuck’s great stories about the impact of chess in history!! Great job MPA!”

Benefits of Chess

  • Focus & Concentration
    “If you don’t pay attention in school, you might not see the consequences right away,” says Tom Brownscombe, scholastic director of the U.S. Chess Federation. “If you lose your queen in chess, it forces you to pay attention.”
  • Learning from Failures
    Careful analysis of games played helps students learn and grow and prepare do better the next time.
  • Anyone Can Excel
    Skills acquired by playing chess are not just for the select few; they are trainable skills for all.

Thank you! Vedant was challenged and is now equipped with an arsenal of new tricks and strategies. He had a great time with chess!

Complete the form at right and get a free trial!
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    Ages: 5 to 15
    Grades: KG to 8th
    Frequency: Once a week
    Class Length: 1 Hour
    Sessions: Year-round
    Teacher(s): Chess Life Master – Chuck Diebert
    Student/Teacher Ratio: Less than 10:1
    Tuition: $107/mo
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