Engineering Lab

Learn How Things Work


In Engineering Lab, your child will build and explore simple machines like levers, pulleys gears and more through the world of LEGO Education. LEGO Engineering gives kids as young as 2nd grade the opportunity to explore engineering, math and science. Students will also learn to follow the scientific method without even knowing their doing it!


Through LEGO Engineering students to develop numerous skills including:

  • Design and construction
  • Predicting and experimenting
  • Problem solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Teamwork

How It Works

Students in Engineering Lab will progress through a series of challenges unlocking special privileges and essential LEGO pieces as they go! Projects include building cars that can travel long distances when launched down a ramp, a robot dog that gets excited and wags its tail, and even a clock that tells exact time!

Students work individually or in pairs to complete the challenges. Each challenge gets a little bit more difficult. Kids love the challenge just like they love video games — because they get instant feedback and they get the rush of solving problems that seemed just out of reach.

Students from as early as 2nd grade can join Engineering Lab at any time and stay as long as they wish. Once completing all of the Engineering challenges they can move on to our Robotics Lab.

Get Started

Call us at 614-792-6284 to schedule a trial class for your child to see how they like it – no commitment necessary! When you enroll, tuition is $147 per month. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you aren’t totally thrilled in the first month, we will provide a full refund.

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Ages: 7 to 10
Grades: 2nd to 4th
Frequency: Once a week
Class Length: 60 minutes
Sessions: Year-round
Teacher(s): Certified teacher & assistant
Student/Teacher Ratio: Less than 5:1
Getting Started: Students from beginner to expert may join at anytime.
Tuition: $147/month
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