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Elementary School Classes

Students are placed in one of the following “secret agent” themed classes based on ability, not age or grade. Hour-long, weekly classes meet year-round and are limited to 10 students. All classes taught by certified teachers who love math with the help of an assistant teacher. Students receive weekly assignments and earn rewards for attendance, perfect homework scores, and other at-home math activities.

ClassGradeSample of Skills Covered
RecruitKG/1stread and write digits 0-9, develop understanding of quantity (more/less) and master the basics of addition, subtraction, coins, clocks, shapes and story problems
Tech1st/2ndsingle digit addition and subtraction using multiple strategies. telling time and handling money. discovery of multiple digit addition and subtraction
Operative2nd/3rdadd and subtract two and three digit numbers mentally as well as learn advanced techniques to check answers quickly. introduction to multiplication and fractions as well as data analysis.
Analyst3rd/4thmaster multiplication tables and advanced subtraction techniques while gaining an understanding of division, remainders, estimation and rounding. Plus more advanced multiplication and fraction addition and subtraction skills.
Agent4th/5thmaster advanced techniques for two and three digit multiplication along with divisibility rules and long and short division. Trainees learn how to handle fractions, decimals, percents and ratios.
Special Ops5th/6thmaster powerful mental multiplication and division techniques with whole numbers, decimals and fractions. gain an understanding of factors, primes, squares, square roots and probability.

Middle School Classes

Through our unique problem solving approach, your child will develop a deeper understanding of advanced math concepts so they can better apply what they’ve learned at school. They will develop the flexible, abstract thinking needed to be successful in high school and beyond.

ClassGradeSample of Skills Covered
Pre-algebra6th-7thMaster integer and exponent operations. Understand proportions and their use in word problems. Solve single variable equations of all types.
Algebra7th-8thLearn to graph and solve equations. Master operations with polynomials. Introduction to advanced concepts like logarithms.
Geometry8th-9thDevelop the logical reasoning skill necessary for complex proofs. Learn geometric constructions and powerful theorems. Learn secrets to making difficult geometry problem easy like constructing auxiliary lines.

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Our unique combination of proven lessons, enthusiastic teachers, and one-on-one support helps struggling students gain confidence as well as challenge students that crave enrichment.

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