Emily Webster – Powell Location

Emily PictureEmily started as an assistant teacher when she was first hired at Math Plus and was promoted to director in Fall of 2013 as the business was growing. She showed extreme levels of potential right from the beginning. She connects with the students very well and is always smiling. Her love of math and enthusiasm for life is clearly contagious to anyone who meets her.

Work Your Brain Out Everyday

I love math because of the way it makes the brain think – once you start to learn and enjoy math, you start to see it everywhere! My absolute favorite is the logic puzzle. Logic puzzles bend and stretch the mind in wonderfully strange ways, and as frustrating as they can get, they are extremely satisfying to solve.

Favorite MPA strategy

I really love our multiplication strategies – Magic of 11, Nikhilam, Vertical and Crosswise, etc. These methods are really effective in helping kids – and even adults! – transition into mental math. The strategies allow students to organize numbers more neatly in their heads, and the result is students being able to answer two-digit or even three-digit multiplication problems twice as fast, without even picking up a pen. They really show our students that there is more than one way to think about math – that the way students are taught in schools is not the only way to solve the problem. While students are often verbally encouraged to seek alternate strategies to solve problems, encouragement does not always translate into support; students can be penalized for thinking outside the box, especially if their new method isn’t recognized by their teacher. As a result, kids can develop mental roadblocks about math. They think, I don’t understand math because they do not understand the one mechanism they are taught, and these negative thoughts are really detrimental to confidence. These multiplication strategies really help kids break down the barriers put up by conventional teaching strategies. Kids are constantly amazed by how different these methods are than what they have been taught – and how the different methods are still just as correct as “traditional” methods. The efficiency and accuracy of these strategies combined with the serious enthusiasm they generate from kids certainly put Nikhilam, Magic of 11, and Vertical and Crosswise at the top of my list.

Everyone can love math

I love to tell kids that even if they don’t want to be the world’s next great mathematician, even if they don’t want to do a job directly related to math, the skills that they learn while doing math will change how they see the world for the better. Everyone can love math – I think I am living proof of that!


Ohio State University B.A. in History Minor in French and English Class of 2015

My Passion

Creating Enthusiasm – For anything and everything!

Travis Kendall-Sperry – New Albany Location

travis pictureTravis began working at Math Plus Academy in September of 2010 as the Powell director and curriculum development. Travis has excellent attention to detail, great computer and technology skills and has a very strong work ethic. Travis has even self-taught himself how to program to a very advanced level. He created and continues to update our MPA web application that we use on a daily basis! Travis was promoted to New Albany director when the location opened in June of 2012.

Do what you love, and love what you do

I enjoy working here because I get to work with individuals who are passionate about their work and who believe that mathematics is fun.

Favorite MPA strategy

Perseverance. Never give up!

Focusing on the student

I believe that every program we offer is beneficial and therefore all of them are my favorite. Each program has the ability to inspire a student to do great things, it just depends on the which class best fits the student. Some classes might benefit a particular student more than another.

Another talent

I am really good at writing ndsıpǝ poʍu. Don’t believe me? Come check it out!


Otterbein University B.S. Mathematics – 2012

My Passion

My passion is making dreams reality.
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