JumpStart Summer Program

What is the JumpStart Summer Program?

JumpStart is a weekly summer program designed to cover the key topics in mathematics for the upcoming school year. There is one class a week, with a challenging assignment, and convenient access to 1-on-1 help. All JumpStart classes are from 3:30 – 4:30. Every lesson is selected based on the key Common Core State Standards for each upcoming grade level.

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Show Hilliard/UA Schedule

Hilliard/UA Schedule

Class Offering
JumpStart 2 Tuesdays @ 3:30

$117.00 Read More

JumpStart 3 Tuesdays @ 3:30

$117.00 Read More

JumpStart 4 Thursdays @ 3:30

$117.00 Read More

JumpStart 5 Thursdays @ 3:30

$117.00 Read More

Show Powell Schedule

Powell Schedule

Class Offering
JumpStart 2 Wednesdays @ 3:30
JumpStart 3 Wednesdays @ 3:30
JumpStart 4 Tuesdays @ 3:30
JumpStart 5 Tuesdays @ 3:30

Show New Albany Schedule

New Albany Schedule

Class Offering
JumpStart 2 Tuesdays @ 3:30
JumpStart 3 Tuesdays @ 3:30
JumpStart 4 Wednesdays @ 3:30
JumpStart 5 Wednesdays @ 3:30

Take a look at what we will be doing!

Show JumpStart 2 Curriculum (Students entering second grade)

JumpStart 2 – Lesson Guide (Students entering second grade)

  • Week 1: Adding 9’s With Compensation
  • Week 2: Complements of 10
  • Week 3: Missing Addends
  • Week 4: Subtracting Single Digits (Number Line)
  • Week 5: Subtracting Single Digits (Comparison)
  • Week 6: Number Splitting with Addition and Subtraction
  • Week 7: Subtraction with Landmarks
  • Week 8: Amounts That Make A Dollar
  • Week 9: Telling Time
  • Week 10: Story Problems

Show JumpStart 3 Curriculum (Students entering third grade)

JumpStart 3 – Lesson Guide (Students entering third grade)

  • Week 1: Addition With Mini Carries
  • Week 2: Adding with 9 and 99
  • Week 3: Subtracting With Landmarks
  • Week 4: Subtracting With Compensation
  • Week 5: Digit Sums To Check Addition and Subtraction
  • Week 6: Basic Fraction
  • Week 7: Telling Time
  • Week 8: Money and Decimals
  • Week 9: Skip Counting to Find Area
  • Week 10: Skip Counting Continued

Show JumpStart 4 Curriculum (Students entering fourth grade)

JumpStart 4 – Lesson Guide (Students entering fourth grade)

  • Week 1: Subtraction Techniques
  • Week 2: Multiplying by 2, 4, and 8
  • Week 3: Multiplying by 3, 6, 7 and 9
  • Week 4: Meaning Of Division
  • Week 5: Division with Remainders
  • Week 6: Magic of 11
  • Week 7: By 1 More Multiplication
  • Week 8: Double Digit Multiplication and Digit Sums
  • Week 9: Comparing and Ordering Fractions
  • Week 10: Equivalent Fractions and Adding Fractions

Show JumpStart 5 Curriculum (Students entering fifth grade)

JumpStart 5 – Lesson Guide (Students entering fifth grade)

  • Week 1: Doubling and Number Splitting Multiplication
  • Week 2: Magic of 11
  • Week 3: Area Models – Vertical and Crosswise Multiplication
  • Week 4: Place Value with Decimals
  • Week 5: Place Value – Thousandths to Millions
  • Week 6: Mental Division
  • Week 7: Short Division
  • Week 8: Comparing Fractions/Parts of a Set
  • Week 9: Adding Fractions Crosswise
  • Week 10: Rectangles Area and Perimeter

The Answer is Yes!

Does this align with my school's curriculum?

Yes! Our curriculum is designed to be the perfect complement to school. Your child will develop better understanding and fluency with the help of our lessons and teachers.

Is there a way to make-up missed classes?

Yes! If you have to miss a class for any reason, you can schedule a one-on-one make-up session. You may also attend one of our year-round math classes. Our goal is to ensure your child gets ahead this summer and you get the best value.

Will my child really enjoy this?

Yes! Our classes are interactive and fun. We promise this won’t feel like summer school. Students really do walk out of our classes with smiles on their faces.

Do you have programs for younger or older students?

Yes! We can tailor a solution consisting of classes and one-on-one support for every child. Simply schedule a free assessment and our staff will help you find the best solution.

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