Research Foundations

The principles and pedagogy that we employ at Math Plus Academy have been influenced by several important thought-leaders and researchers in the field of mathematics education. Here we list several of these works to acknowledge their impact on our curriculum and teaching strategies. Many of these form the foundation out what we do at Math Plus Academy.

What is Mathematics?

Our fundamental belief that pursuit of mathematics is something that everyone can enjoy because it is rooted in discovery, creativity, and wonder were informed largely by mathematician, Paul Lockhart and his book, A Mathematician’s Lament.

Problem Solving

Much of our teaching techniques and the strategies that we teach students to use when solving challenging mathematical problems come from the following: 

Student Psychology

Helping students develop their own motivation for doing math as well as perseverance and grit are critical to long term success. We believe these aspects of classroom culture are often overlooked when discussing mathematics education. Where most people focus on tutoring, curriculum, and the like, we believe that mindset comes first.

Mathematics Pedagogy

The classroom strategies that we use to develop each child’s number sense and problem solving skills is based on the latest academic research. We’ve found these techniques to be invaluable in helping students develop a deeper understanding of mathematics.

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