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Did You Know? MPA students gain one year of learning in just six months!

We conducted a 6 month research study on several of our students of all abilities. Students were given a nationally normalized standardized test prior to starting enrichment classes, and then at three, and six months. All students made significant gains over the six months of taking weekly enrichment classes at Math Plus Academy. On average, students were able to gain a year on their peers in just six months.

Case Study: See how one student went from lacking confidence to standing out amongst her peers

case study 1

Case Study: Mom seeks after-school activities that don’t bore kids.

Mom seeks after-school activities that don’t bore study 2

Watch: OSU Professor explains benefits of Math Plus Academy for his kids.

Every dollar is worth it because I can see the learning at occurring in exponential levels. My daughter, when she first came here, she was doing about grade level and now she is beyond her grade level in math. What’s most important to me is that she has developed a level of confidence… she believes she’s smart in math and that its fun…”

Watch: Mom describes how she keeps her precocious son challenged.

“Braden has been excelling ever since he enrolled at the age of 4. There is always something new, fun, and challenging for him. He’s become a great problem solver and is a year ahead in school. He’s learned a ton and had fun doing it! ”
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