The Math Plus Academy Advantage


Gain 1 Year in Just 6 Months

Imagine the joy you'll feel as your child leaps to the head of the class. In just one hour a week, our engaging and challenging classes help students gain one year of math learning in just six months (based on standardized test results).

Teachers Who LOVE Math

While most programs use tutors and worksheets for math “enrichment”, we believe a highly qualified teacher is still the best way to guarantee that all students learn. All of our teachers are certified and love math.

Thinking over Memorization

Too often, students just memorize “math facts” and algorithms. These students quickly lose confidence as math gets more abstract. Our curriculum ensures that students learn to THINK, so they can be successful in school and beyond.

Hands-on STEM Labs

The 21st century requires a new kind of learner — not someone who can only answer by rote, but someone who can think and solve problems. Our technology and engineering courses offer hands-on, minds-on experiences that go way beyond just learning facts. Courses are designed to meet your child's unique interests.

See How We Can Help Your Child

Parents and Kids Love Us...

My daughter used to attend Kumon, but she didn’t like it. It was all repetition and I just didn’t see the value in it. I’ve been thrilled since we switched to Math Plus Academy. She loves coming to the classes and she even completes her Math Plus homework in the morning before I drop her off at school!

IGNITE Powell - 153

I never felt like my kids were truly challenged in school – I was on the look out for an extra-curricular that was both challenging and fun!


Within the first year at Math Plus Academy, I saw a huge, huge difference in not only my daughter’s test scores but in her newfound confidence in the subject.


Both of my children are flourishing in their math skills at school thanks to Math Plus Academy! They enjoy coming to class and actually like doing the homework. My son also enjoys the summer camps. I have recommended the program to many friends.


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