Math Lessons.
Life Lessons.

Our classes not only help students master math concepts but also foster crucial life skills such as teamwork, self-confidence, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving.

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Secrets for Mastering Math

Nine core principles that underpin our classroom culture. We share these with students so they can excel in math and use them to tackle life's challenges as well.

Every Child is Brilliant

As educators, we recognize each child's unique gifts and help them use those gifts to excel at math. Every child's strengths are valued in our classes. Students understand they belong.

Find Joy in Trying Hard Things

We encourage students to conquer fears, tackle difficult problems, and build perseverance.

Great Things are Done Together

Learning happens best when we work together, share ideas, and support each other.

Be Curious

Meaningful learning starts with curiosity. Our students ask questions, explore, and wonder.

Start Simple, Build Up

The best way to tackle a challenge is to break it down into smaller, simpler problems.

Play, Experiment, and Have Fun

Children thrive and learn through play. We have fun exploring puzzles and games.

There are No Mistakes, Only Lessons

We promote risk taking and remind students to view mistakes as part of the learning process.

There is Always More to Learn

Every question answered is an invitation to tackle a new question.

Answers Matter Less Than You Think

Answers matter, but answers in the absence of thinking are of limited value.


Program Features

Learning happens effortlessly when we create an environment of love, safety, and trust, where everyone is curious and excited to learn together.

Weekly Classes

Hour-long, engaging, weekly classes where students tackle challenging problems and learn better ways to do math.

Proven Curriculum

Our curriculum focuses on mental math and problem-solving because thinking always beats memorization.

Passionate Teachers

All of our teachers are state certified and highly trained. They love kids and they love math.

Rewards Program

Students earn 'experience points' for doing math and exhibiting positive behaviors. Points may be redeemed for fun prizes.

One-on-One Tutoring Included

Individualized sessions reinforce what is learned in class and help students excel.

Trusted Community

Each class of up to 8 students becomes a team where students encourage each other and feel safe to make mistakes.

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Founder's Message - Dr. Raj Shah

Math changed my life, partly because it opened doors to careers in science and engineering. But more importantly, math taught me how to think, how to solve problems, and how to persevere. I want to share that gift with every child.

Now, I travel the country working with school districts and math teachers to help them make math irresistible for kids.

Watch my TEDx to learn more.

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