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An after-school program that provides a unique mathematical experience.
  • Makes sense of common core
  • Helps build lasting confidence
  • Customized to child's ability
  • Superior alternative to Kumon
Our Founder - Dr. Raj Shah

Research shows that students learn math best when:

  • They learn WHY, not just HOW
  • They can use pictures to VISUALIZE math
  • They are CURIOUS and ask questions
  • They develop a GROWTH MINDSET

Dr. Raj Shah has been specializing in teaching math exactly this way for years. He has implemented these ideas into the curriculum and teaching methods at Math Plus Academy.

Because of Math Plus' proven results, Dr. Shah is pursued by school districts nationwide to instruct teachers. In Central Ohio, he has provided training to teachers in Westerville, New Albany, Hilliard, Dublin, Worthington, Reynoldsburg, and Columbus City Schools.

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3-hour events designed to connect math with things kids enjoy.
  • Minecraft
  • Coding
  • Video Game Desgin
  • Board Games
  • 3D Printing
  • Maker Meetups
Both of my children are flourishing in their math skills at school thanks to Math Plus Academy! They enjoy coming to class and actually like doing the homework. My son also enjoys the summer camps. I have recommended the program to many friends.
-Stacey Tokarski

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